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February 2018

February 3, 2018

[Just re-posting a post from October 2016 because this post is still the best description of where I am right now. In short, I’m as obsessed with coffee as ever, but simply don’t get time to blog about it these days. However, I am certainly active on Twitter, and now Instagram too, so you can find me there, and full time running things, devotedly, at The Plan Cafe of course!]

There is so much I could write about here!

But life these days is incessantly busy, both at work running the cafe and training our team at The Plan, full time, and now with home life too.

The periods of free time I used to have at my disposal have vanished, and ‘spare’ time doesn’t exist anymore! This means there’s rarely the luxury of sufficient time to construct meaningful, thorough, and in-depth posts here.

This has been making my Twitter (and Instagram) account a more ideal medium for me for a while now.

Coffee is an all consuming obsession for me, as much as ever. Making, serving, tasting, measuring, recording, drinking, writing brewing notes, photographing, reading, learning, calibrating, testing, experimenting, training, theorising, thinking and researching coffee is a continuous and ever present feature and focus in my life.

After many years, I’m still always trying to refine and progress every aspect of what I do, because although I’m producing the best work of my life right now, there’s no limit to what you can learn within the craft. I just don’t often get time to also write blog posts!

So, follow my Twitter (and Instagram), and you’ll find regular snapshot updates (including lots of imagery!) that communicate the highlights of what I’m doing with coffee at any given time.

And, occasionally, there *might* of course continue to be posts here too…

And besides, if you’re new to this blog, you’ll find there’s already plenty here (including on the ‘pages’ sections) to keep you going for quite some time..!