Caffeine Magazine Cardiff feature


The newest freshest issue of the wonderful Caffeine Magazine is out now for Christmas at the plan cafe and… drum roll… fanfare… this issue includes a long awaited Cardiff Feature!!

The details for our inclusion were gathered during a long chat recently with the ever lovely Brian whilst he was spending a (yet another!) very caffeinated day, in town interviewing for Caffeine at the various coffee shops featured.

Great to see Cardiff getting a mention, at a point where there are now finally enough cafes here doing good things with coffee to make a feature. We’ve distributed a few copies from our stock to all the cafes featured, so you might catch a read at any of Cardiff’s top coffee spots right now!

So, we’ll be prouder than ever to be serving Caffeine at the moment, free with your order to all our customers (the loveliest customers)!

It’s a lovely article, that rightly points out that we were one of the very first places in Cardiff to offer this style of artisan/3rd wave coffee, at a time when it was still rare. What this gives us of course is a wealth of experience; many years of obsessive learning, research and experimentation from myself, and the desire to constantly improve my understanding and ability with all things coffee, which continues to this day. It also mentions my achievements as a UKBC finalist, as a crucial point in my progression as a barista. This is true, as it was, and still is, a massive achievement. But it’s worth mentioning it was also just one small part of my overall journey as a barista. Most of my learning has occurred outside of this, through continuous practice and research in the cafe, and at home, etc. And naturally, if you’re serious and passionate about great coffee, that learning never stops, and it’s hard to describe how much more I’ve learnt since that achievement.

It’s also wonderful, and a testament to what we do, to be able to feature so prominently in this, as somewhere that has not had tonnes of money thrown at it.


Currently, our espresso is a washed blend featuring four farms: Suke Quto Guji Ethiopia, Finca el Paraiso Nicaragua, Finca San Antonio Guatemala, and Merced del Potrero Mexico.

We have Oda Bultu Harar, Thiriku AA Kenya, and Socorro Anexos Guatemala on as French Press, or available as whole bean for home, and new arrivals coming very soon!

I hope to post more soon (so busy!), but in the meantime, my Twitter is regularly updated!

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