February 2015


The last few weeks have seen some big changes to our current espresso blend at the plan, Naturelle, as the components shift from being fully washed process, to include pulp and full natural process Brazilian coffees, from Santa Maria, and Daterra, along with the fabulous Suke Quto Guji washed Ethiopian. This brings richer, more tactile chocolate and nut qualities (I could mention a certain famous chocolate caramel and peanut bar here!), and riper fruit tones. Still with lots of sweetness, floral complexity, and balanced brightness, just less shimmeringly crisp-focussed than previously. Still a similar overall flavour profile, but very different on the densities, roast, dialling, and flavours too!



And just a few pictures for now, until time allows for more!




Fantastic Thermapen!


Clever (Bolivia Asencio) at home (more baby friendly sometimes than three minutes of pourover pouring!).

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