My First Coffee

A couple of months ago I spent some time at the cafe with Dutch filmmakers, Johan and Norbert, as part of one of Johan’s film projects, My First Knowing they would be visiting Wales for just a couple of days to do some filming, they had done some research, and had approached me about making the film whilst here. The little film they made of me is now completed and up on their site. I love their films – they make for pretty addictive viewing for any coffeegeek!

In other news, next week sees a couple of lovely coffees becoming available in the cafe for French Press: Rwanda BuF Cafe coop Red Bourbon (Nyarusiza station, Nyamagabe district, 1750-1900 MASL), and Operation Cherry Red grade 1 Worka Woreda washed Yirgacheffe (1650-2700 MASL)..! These are also available (on request) already as 250g beans if you want some lovely, fruity, floral, fresh coffee at home for Christmas filter!

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