Mostly pics, 5th September 2013

On Tuesday this week, I spent some time locked away in the cellar of the plan cafe, servicing the needs of two rather large (and very lovely), splendid Dutchmen, Johan and Norbert.

If you want to see me embarrassing myself, and probably saying all the wrong things, in a way which I suspect might make me feel incompetent and inadequate (more so than usual), then watch this space (in a few weeks time):

In the meantime, watch that space anyway – as it’s pretty cool!!!


A lovely gift last week, from TOP customer, Ibby :). Direct from NYC to my kitchen (well, via the plan, of course) – who’d have thought it?!


…and still fresh (and, I later found, apparently unaffected by the flight too…)!





Further works to the Tanzania Mod, in progress.



Latest laser particle sizing results are back from the lab, super asap, thanks to the awesome Matt, for 6 samples (3 coffees, two washed filter profiles, and one natural espresso profile, at two different grind settings), from the current modification to the grinder. The positive effects on uniformity seem undeniable. But I have some more tweaks to do. ‘Machining’ (in my own little way) some UHMWPE this weekend, to replace the Acetal – ah, the joy!


Six coffees tasted at home last weekend, cupped blind, and some also brewed…


…But this was the standout knockout, for me (predictably?!) (samples in the background bagged for sizing).


Not sure why that’s there…


Naturelle, back on.

Pour Sept

Freepour, of course!


…A (nother!) brand new grinder!


Some moderately lengthy testing and comparison of the grind from 3 grinders into the evening for me at the plan cafe; Tanzania (from my house), Bunn, and Santos. No Lasers this time – just eyes, fingers …and mouth! And yes – that’s a ruler!!


FREE, to all our wonderful customers – help yourself!!

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