Newest Guest Roaster at the plan cafe: Union Hand Roasted

So, our newest Guest Roaster for espresso is rested, tested, and will be on from tomorrow!


This is Union Hand Roasted (a London-based artisan roaster). 

Whilst they’ve certainly been on my radar as one of the roasters to try for a long time, this is our first time with their coffees.

We have two different in-season blends from them that will be on as our espresso over the next two weeks, with some James’ Gourmet here and there and at weekends in between as well.

I have (predictably!) gone for the less deep end of their available variety of roast spectrum (which is going to be deep enough!), with their Bright Note and Rogue blends.


First up is Bright Note.

This is currently composed of two coffees from the Lambari farm in Brazil (a pulp and a full natural), Rwandan Gashonga, and also Cobahue from Guatemala.

Later on, we will also be brewing Rogue espresso, a blend composed of Brazilian Fazenda Bob-o-link and Colombian Asprotimana.



Bright Note shot.

I could string together some more, or less, useful sentences where the phrase ‘Italian’ would crop-up (positively) several times, but won’t.

Whereas from James’ Gourmet roasters, there will be the latest incarnation of the Caffe Naturelle espresso blend in between, after finishing the last of their Colombian SOE Finca La Paz today (tomato!!).

And from JGC for French Press (or filter beans for home), we have Cup of Excellence Brazilian Serra Dos Crioulos, Kenyan Kirimahiga, and the Habesha Ethiopian blend, featuring two Yirgacheffes (one washed, and one natural; Aricha Keble), with one Limu.


 BN1     bnc     bnb     bna

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