The plan in July …Images






Fun with new phone – just playing!

naturelle esp july

Naturelle seasonal organic espresso. Currently featuring Guji Shakiso (washed single farm/Coop in the Guji mountains, Oromia region, southern Ethiopia) combined with Finca Bourbon washed Guatemalan single estate. 

And, I’m pleased and excited to announce that Caffeine Magazine will be available at the plan cafe from later this week – for all our customers!!

Also (rare non coffee related news allowed on my site – sorry!), Cardiff Comedy Festival 2013 continues at the cafe: Every Thursday evening in July, the plan is hosting Storytelling, with a different theme each week. 6pm. £3.50 on the door.

And, New Guest Roasters for our espresso approaching …fast! Watch this space.

 La Paz plan

Rested and Dialled to… ON position!

2 Responses to “The plan in July …Images”

  1. Adam Rush Says:

    Someone has a new iPhone 5! Great to see the panorama’s of The Plan. Hope all is well, Adam PS bought an areopress – wow.

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      Haha, OneX 😉 Ooo Aeropress, nice. Don’t use mine very much actually, compared to my pourovers, etc… But yes, I agree they are indeed very good! Hope all is great with you 🙂

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