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21st December 2012

December 22, 2012


Ooo! Another, whole new source of equally dubious and totally implausible data to log – exciting! Temperature really is very odd, and remarkably difficult to measure, it seems. But the more sources you can draw on to try to build an overview, and make correlations, no matter how bewildering, bizarre, inaccurate and wrongly calibrated some might be, the better.

…All part of the current ongoing myriad surgeries and investigations into Gloria’s brain, and fluids intake, amongst my usual experiments, notes, tuning and monitoring.

There are NOW bags and bags of bags of JGC coffee available at the plan for Christmas! Fazenda Samambaia 2012 Brazil Yellow Bourbon espresso (1kg and 250g ‘s), Formula 6 espresso (1kg’s), Caffe Naturelle espresso (1kg’s), Rwanda BuF cafe Coop filter (250g’s), Guatemala Finca Providencia Huehuetenango filter (250g’s), Rwanda Musasa Coop filter (250g’s), Guatemala Finca Conception Pixcaya filter (250g’s)!

The plan will be closed Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing day, and also New Year’s Day.

For home for Christmas I have come into the possession of JGC Kenyan Kangocho Peaberry, and… Ethiopian Aricha Tchembe Yirgacheffe filters. There are also some Idido and Beloya Special Natural espresso profile samples floating around at work…

It is always potentially SO exciting when coffees like these start to surface, and words like ‘Beloya’ and ‘Misty’ are mentioned…  I recall being stunned by these several years ago at a point when I had no real idea what they were, what to do with them (but then, do I now?), or how rare (legendary) they would become. Thankfully there have been certain things along the lines of O.C.R. here and there to fill the void since then…  

Interesting to read some of the surrounding back-story, one source here:

And you don’t have to dig a whole lot further to get here…

…And I wish I had the time to dig a whole lot more.

In extremely rare non-coffee related thoughts on this blog: If you come in soon, you might catch my alternative
christmassy electronica and various magically-oddments (?!) CD playing, where it’s kind-of-definitely-Christmas-but-not-cheesy-overly-in-your-face, and, I think this is THE best I’ve seen the arcade look at Christmas!




06th December 2012

December 6, 2012

Quietly, The Hoard waits, and rests. But not for long now..!


Current coffee obsessions (amongst the usual ones)…

Grind, and grinding, still.

Temperature, again! Scacing, PID settings, machine calibration, meter calibration (and the relationship between them all), stability, and variation. Measurement, and control, of temperature is an incredibly curious thing… Even with PID, a Scace (used carefully and as intended), various meters, and probes, etc, the picture is far from clear or straightforward.

Water. Hardness, quality, filtration. Effects on equipment, and flavour.

Gloria has recently had just about every probe, temperature sensor, cartridge element, exhaust tube, and solenoid valve replaced, cleaned, or revived in some way, via Italy, Cornwall, and Bristol. So now thankfully function is tickety boo. Although frustratingly now it appears software may be leading the performance (theatrically). Engineers making investigations, continuously. Another new Bestmax filter/softener will be installed next week, in a diligent hardness-zero-tolerance approach, regardless of our low local ppm, and healthy signs from the existing filtered output from the groups. We are considering the Brita Purity 600 as an upgrade, to better determine the precise, prescribed time at which it is deemed necessary to replace filter cartridges, in order to avoid the slightest trace of scale (which Gloria is rather sensitive to, even in our relatively soft locality), but I’m trying to figure out if it’s just a very expensive way of telling me how much water she’s gone through… Maybe a few tablet tests periodically would do the same job?!

Lots of notes. How many separate Word coffee research diaries?!

New Rwanda BuF cafe Coop Red Bourbon, and Guatemalan Providencia, currently through the Cafetieres.

And The Hoard is approaching super-fast now. Exciting!