In-Season coffees for cafetiere… Shake up!

It’s been quite some time since I introduced small selections of freshly roasted In-Season coffees to the menus for cafetiere at the cafe, and started releasing new selections every few months. This has been great, but it was still a little restrictive in some ways, and needed to move forward further still. So, I’ve just released our newest ‘menu’ for coffees for cafetiere at the cafe, but this time it’s all change. In a positive move I’ve been keen to make for some time, our coffees for cafetiere will now be an even smaller selection to be found on blackboards in the cafe. Therefore these newest printed ‘meus’ for the tables simply describe the new system, along with many general points of interest about the sorts of coffees we use. Crucially, just like I’ve been doing with our Espresso of the Day for a long time, this allows me to change the filter profile selections much more fluidly, as soon as the freshest crops come into the roastery! If you read the ‘menu‘, everything’s explained, but essentially it’s all about being able to offer the freshest, most current crops as soon as they arrive, and keeping them all at their optimum freshness from roast. Today we were grinding and brewing the coffee roasted… yesterday, which for filter, is always nice!

Today, we have launched with: Guatemalan Finca Providencia, Antiguan Finca Entre Volcanes Bethel Micro-Lot, and Kenyan blend of Makwa Esate with Ngutu Mill Coop. But these can, and will, frequently change at the drop of a hat – exciting! Updates about some of the specific coffees will appear regularly here and on my Twitter.

The Scace is back in the cafe for another visit, so I can perform some more testing of temperatures, and reassess previous data collected, and the settings on our machine, with newly refurbished sensors (thanks Peter!).

Just got Scott Rao’s Barista’s handbook – a happy birthday!

Emailed Welsh Water the other day with an enquiry about water quality at home and at work. I’ve spent some time this year making polite and patient enquiries for information to various coffee grinder manufacturers. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I have come to the position where I expect to get replies that are, at best, useless, but which are better than the more common alternative of no reply at all, whenever I make any sort of enquiry. So I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything back, at least for several weeks.  But Richy Mariner mailed me back the very next day, and not only answered my questions precisely, but sent me a huge wealth of extra interesting information about water locally to boot. Still quite shocked. In short, in the interests of sharing, water in Cardiff centre is currently (approximately) “100.3mg/l as CaCO3 (slightly hard)”, whilst “in Caerphilly the hardness is approximately 53.5mg/l as CaCO3 (moderately soft)”. Ace. Perhaps roughly as expected, and certainly as hoped.

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