9th August 2012

A nice way to start the day:
“I been quite a few times and I think I’ve been served by someone different every time …but it’s always been a cracking coffee …how long do you train your baristas for?!”
Credit to the (extensive) Team!
The answer is: A lot. Indefinitely. And that includes me. I find myself continuously obsessing about everything coffee, and always looking at all the flaws (so many!), and the puzzles (as many!), amongst the highlights, and trying to understand how to make it better next time. I’m always (increasingly) conscious that there is always more (for all of us) to learn, and that we don’t always get it right. In truth, my/our efforts are really relatively embryonic.
But I guess this obsession can be positive, and is what drives and sustains things. Along with the fact that the training and guidance is in-house, full time, and not just the result of brief visits from (or to) trainers. And those humbling, uplifting comments like this from the very first customer of the day, help to put things in perspective, making you realise that all the hard work, from everyone, continuously, does in fact pay off, and provides many customers with something special …which makes it all worthwhile!

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