A jolly looking package arrived for me from China today (for home)…

I have only had a quick play so far, with a Chemex this evening at home after work, but …wow! I thought my gooseneck drizzler was pretty adequate, and to be fair, it was. But this is something else! Anyone not into coffee (and even some who are) will think this sounds extremely lame, but I don’t care: This pouring kettle is fantastic!

The precision, control, and degree of subtlety available is another level completely.

And it was, relatively, cheap!

Stainless steel 1.2ltr.

Got that thermometer recalibrated too (after some issues), which is giving some interesting results, and which involved discovering that my house is 95 M.A.S.L! No coffee plantation here then, just one in the window… 😉

Still awaiting judgement from Germany though…

2 Responses to “Kettle”

  1. Coffeestork Says:

    Hoping to get a pour over kettle as well priced a little better than the Hario. Do you have any links for this one?

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