New season coffees for cafetiere …IN!

My latest selections for our in-season cafetiere menu arrived from the roastery today, and are available right now, on request, and will be out fully by the end of the week! 

These newest lovely coffees (along with the usual favorites) are:


Shegole Cooperative.

Sparkling, juicy citrus. Syrupy sweetness.

Composed of mixed Heirloom Arabica varietals. From the Limu region of Ethiopia. Process: Fully washed. 


Mzuzu Coffee Farmers Union.                  

Floral, fruit tea-like, with apricotty stone fruit notes.

100% Geisha Arabica varietal. Geisha is one of the rarest and most coveted coffee varietals. It originated in Ethiopia, and has become especially famous in recent years, after a Geisha lot from Panama fetched record prices at auction. This lot is from the Viphya region, in the northern highlands of Malawi. Process: Natural.

I fell in love with the Geisha as soon as I cupped it …and the Shegole is currently a component of one of my favorite espresso blends – great to try it on its own as a filter profile, and it is coming home with me this weekend!

In other news…

I’m eagerly awaiting a pouring kettle upgrade from China! I have been using (when a controlled stream is necessary) a 1 litre gooseneck oil drizzler at home for some time, and it has been a really great buy. Very temperature stable too. But it perhaps lacks a little finesse, and this should be a touch better, I think. After some consideration, I have not opted for the Buono…

Grinders, grinding, grind quality, and burrs, are currently doing my nut (when don’t they?!), to put it politely, and in brief. I am currently awaiting some feedback from Germany about some grind samples…

BTW if you use a thermometer of any sort, be sure to calibrate it regularly. I have yet again been caught out by mine. Taking readings and notes, at home and at work (obsessively, compulsively?!), is something I do more and more of these days, as a sort of component amongst the variety of measures I use to continuously monitor, cross check and record, in an attempt to ever better understand everything I do with coffee (which seems to get harder!). Recording this data, along with tasting, visuals, etc, is good. It helps. And gradually, I find I can combine a variety of these measures more fluidly, to put a picture together better. But you need the devices to be recording accurately, or it throws the whole process off! I was confident that my fairly new ultra fast response needle probe thermocouple and digital meter were reading correctly. But it has in fact been about 3C off for X amount of time. Hence various recent information from kettles, jugs, Chemex’s, V60’s, Clever’s, other pourovers, and cafetieres, has been a little inaccurate. A bit like when you realise your espresso PID isn’t properly calibrated! 😉

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