Next Guest at the plan cafe: Monmouth Coffee Co.

So, our latest guest has arrived, and is resting: Monmouth Coffee‘s current espresso blend.

It’s like welcoming back an old friend (Monmouth and I have some history at the plan cafe!). It’s been a while, and much has changed since then, but time has been kind to this coffee-icon, and all the familiar features are still there, and it’s hardly changed a bit, which in this case is lovely to see.

The current blend is composed of Brazilian (Santa Ines), Colombian (Cafe Vereda Palestina), and Guatemalan (Finca La Perla) farms.

I will be setting-up Monmouth for probably next Tuesday 19th, or it might get out as soon as this Friday 15th (ah, those caffeinated evenings..!). Either way, we will be serving it for a week or so, with Naturelle from JGC either side (the newest version of which is so lovely right now, by the way!).

In other news, as some of you may have noticed, Doctor Who came to the plan cafe last week. Quite exciting! Apologies to anyone who didn’t hear that we would be closed, and was denied coffee, etc, whilst filming was going on!

Also, I hope to post some information about these soon:


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