Newest Guest: Square Mile Coffee.

So, our newest Guest Roaster for our espresso at the cafe is going to be Square Mile Coffee’s Red Brick blend!

This has arrived and is resting, and I will be starting this next week, on either the 15th or 16th May. We’ll be serving it for maybe a little over a week, with Naturelle from my usual roaster, James’ Gourmet Coffee on before, after, and inbetween on the weekend of the 19th-20th May.

This seasonal blend currently consists of 50% Brazilian Sertao, with Colombian La Serrania and Samaniego.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited! Square Mile Coffee is simply one of the very best roasters there is, and it’s great to be able to do this.

As mentioned in recent posts, coffee from our usual roaster, JGC, is fantastic, which is why I use them, but using a few other equally fantastic roasters for our espresso as Guests is something I’m going to do a bit more of here and there, along with my usual varying selections from JGC inbetween. Which will make things even more interesting and diverse for our customers, and us! Another exciting guest (or two) is already lined-up, and I’ll be working that into my regular line-up over the next couple of months! Square Mile will no doubt be back at some point soon as well.

In other news, Maxwell of Colonna and Smalls in Bath has won the UK Barista Championship 2012! I thought this might be his year..! And it’s always lovely to see it go to a barista working full-time in a cafe, who people can actually go and get a coffee from! Congrats to him, and best of luck for the World Championships later this year. If ever you’re in Bath – Go (as will I, if ever I’m there)!

Also, check out the new latte art post and pictures on new local coffee website, Cardiff Coffee City, for which I contributed some demonstrations and info recently. Thanks Katharina and Co, glad you liked!

(these two images of me pouring latte art are courtesy of Katharina Kraus and Cardiff Coffee City)

Whilst my holiday was fantastic, and much needed, being back in work at the cafe this week has been just great actually – honestly!! Extra lovely comments from all sorts of people all week (and for coffees from the whole team too, which is great), many nice varied coffee conversations and communications with customers, friends, staff, and others, and I’ve been (crucially) pretty comfortable all week with how the coffee’s been performing (rare for me!). All in all just a really nice vibe. 🙂

Oh! And of course, there’s my new toy to investigate at home as well..!


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