Guests approaching from the horizon…

There were a few silly clues in my previous post about the identity of the newest top Guest Roasters that I have lined-up for our espresso at the cafe in the coming months. Just in case it needed to be any more obvious…


And (ever so briefly!)…

Due to one thing and another, it will be several more weeks yet before the first of the newest guests appear (eta May). But in the meantime, as ever, we have fantastic, ever-changing coffees from my usual roaster James’ Gourmet Coffee to make the wait an enjoyable one. After setting up Caffe Naturelle once again recently, I was rewarded with a shot full of the bright, yet ripe, soft, sweet and juicy lime and apricot that I would hope for in the current version of the blend. As for the Guests …watch this space! Looking forward to tasting, learning, and offering even more.

2 Responses to “Guests approaching from the horizon…”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’ve tried Square Mile and Monmouth espresso, but that last one looks like Black Cat from Intelligenisia, rarely seen in these parts! (like never!)

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      Hey Chris,
      Yeah, a rare thing! For good reasons though, so it will be briefer than brief…
      Fortunately we have other great roasters on our doorstep in the UK as well though!

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