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22nd April 2012

April 22, 2012

Reading about coffee and espresso outside of work is something I do fairly constantly. All the time. My fascination with coffee, and my continual desire to understand the craft better, means that, aside from my day-to-day practice at work, I’m never too far away from some forum thread or other, information about equipment, certain current coffees, technique, etc, etc (as a primarily self-trained barista, this perpetual balance of research and practice is how I’ve learned most of what I know). But periodically (when something demands particular attention, or when I feel that, despite everything, I know and understand less than ever), I’ll drive myself potty doing even more of it. My reading over the last couple of weeks is mostly listed below… (Re-read. Yet again. More thoroughly this time around!)

Schulman’s CoffeeConPDF covering many of the same theories as the ‘Some Aspects…’ paper. Link on: (Partly re-read. Yet again) (Re-read. Yet again)!topic/

This has been in conjunction with quite a bit of practical experimentation, and quite a bit of note-taking and writing about everything I’ve been looking at (I realised yesterday this latest exercise has now reached 10,000 words since starting a couple of weeks ago. But I won’t subject you to this!).

There have been highs and lows (and some very caffeinated early mornings, and evenings!) throughout this, but a few things have slotted together,  and I now feel that the exploration over the last couple of weeks has been really positive and valuable. It all goes a little way towards gradually building understanding generally.

In other news, I’ve just popped a KR1203 in my kitchen. I never imagined the Rocky could look so tiny, and feel so light! Total overkill, and insane. But hey. 😉 So that’ll be fun!

I’m away for a week or so for a short holiday soon, but when I’m back, I’ll be arranging for the first of our new Guest Roasters for espresso to visit the cafe (see last two posts)!

Oh, and check out Cardiff Coffee City‘s new site about local coffee. A pleasure chatting to Katharina about what I/we do a couple of weeks ago!

And, I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again; some of the blog ‘pages’ do get updated and revised every so often. There’s a new bit at the end of the Latte Art Information page for instance…

And wow, for some, it’s nearly that time again… GOOD luck all 2012 UKBCers! I especially envisage great things for some who know the ropes already..!

Guests approaching from the horizon…

April 5, 2012

There were a few silly clues in my previous post about the identity of the newest top Guest Roasters that I have lined-up for our espresso at the cafe in the coming months. Just in case it needed to be any more obvious…


And (ever so briefly!)…

Due to one thing and another, it will be several more weeks yet before the first of the newest guests appear (eta May). But in the meantime, as ever, we have fantastic, ever-changing coffees from my usual roaster James’ Gourmet Coffee to make the wait an enjoyable one. After setting up Caffe Naturelle once again recently, I was rewarded with a shot full of the bright, yet ripe, soft, sweet and juicy lime and apricot that I would hope for in the current version of the blend. As for the Guests …watch this space! Looking forward to tasting, learning, and offering even more.