07th November 2011

Outside chance …but if you do happen to be travelling with Air Canada in January, look out for these pictures of the plan cafe and a mention of us amongst recommended cafes around the world, in their EnRoute magazine. Nice surprise!

In other news, The Winter Hoard 2011 has finally landed! It really IS what it says on the label (a description that makes me smile, for all the right reasons)! This consists of three fantastic coffees: Ethiopian Operation Cherry Red dry processed coffee from the Dara area of Sidamo, Kenyan Kayu peaberry, and Finca Suiza estate (El Salvadorian cup of excellence winner 2010). It’s hard not to be just a little TOO excited by coffee like this!

…And other new things arrive for me as well. Lots to play with!

4 Responses to “07th November 2011”

  1. Adam Rush Says:


  2. Trevor Says:

    What, are you investing? What are Your thoughts?

    • Adam Rush Says:

      No I am not, the site works by people giving an amount of money that will altogether help to get the project off the ground. In response the company will eventually reward the person inputting their money by either giving them a finished product or some other reward based on the amount originally invested.

      I wondered what you thought of the product itself? Do you think that it is viable to have a product make such good coffee (as they say) for such a low price?

  3. thebeanvagrant Says:

    If it’s all it’s meant to be, it could be the next big thing for better home espresso, and a good thing.

    I have to admit, I was surprised by the price, considering the features and performance that are promised.
    But old technology gets cheaper all the time (PID as an electronic capability has been around for a long time, even though it is still relatively new in espresso machines, and, for now, it is the best way we have of aiding temperature stability, other than traditional ‘surfing’). I guess, as with many things, as the technology gets cheaper and more widely understood and desired, it only takes someone with sound engineering skills and understanding of the requirements of the user, to come along and develop and build something to rival the famous brand alternatives at much cheaper price.

    People have been retrofitting their Silvias, Classics, etc (and commercial machines), with PID for quite a while – but this would be ready-custom-made all in one, and much more convenient.

    Potentially an (affordable!) rival to even the likes of the GS3 and Kees for the serious home barista!

    But it all depends whether it actually works. And how well. Other than the PID and pressure, all the other little things, and the general build quality, that make a really good mahine, are important too.

    Personally, I’ll still be sticking with manual pourover and other by-the-cup filter methods at home for the moment though! Much cheaper than any espresso machine, and delicious! (Although admittedly you do need a good grinder …and some sort of pouring kettle is useful!)


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