14th September 2011

I have a bag of the newest (released!) arrival at the roastery that I am eagerly anticipating for my days off at home this week: Kenyan Kayu washed Peaberry. The talk is of clean lemon citrus, blackcurrant, orange, and all things epitomising great Kenyan coffee!!! We know the Cooperative, how many farmers make up its members, the regional district, where the wet mill is, the altitudes, varietals, and the processing,  …but what’s REALLY fun, as I’ve just discovered, is this time we can also actually SEE the collection center and surrounding countryside on a satellite map – this makes traceability feel really tangible! Well, I found it quite exciting, anyway! 😉 Can’t wait to try it.

I’m training, training, training at the cafe right now. Lots of new staff, and great (even good) coffee doesn’t ‘just happen’. Many have a long way to go (as do I, don’t we all?!), but the training is in-depth, and the monitoring and guidance is full-time, 5-6 days per week (not just the result of a brief visit from a trainer). Therefore all our baristas  can take the opportunity, run with it, and potentially gradually develop real pride, expertise and passion for their work. Failing that, a high level of basic proficiency is trained as standard and is in place before anyone makes drinks for our customers, and everyone knows what to aim for as they move forward! There will be a natural variance in skill levels, because baristas can potentially develop their knowledge of the craft over many years, but not all baristas seek to progress to that level of professionalism.

Naturelle has been stripped back a little to its juiciest, purest form, and is due out soon (perhaps more of a calculated move, than a seasonal one?). Las Nubes will return next week too, before my holiday. Then Naturelle all the way through, before new espressos arrive from the horizon in October!”

4 Responses to “14th September 2011”

  1. Rhyannan Says:


    Having a coffee geekout this evening, have you heard about this? http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2010/02/what-is-the-new-slayer-espresso-machine-like-baristas-test-coffee-maker.html?

    Today I also thought “How on earth am I going to get my coffee fix while in Bournemouth?” What would you recommend as being the best method for brewing coffee at home?

    Thank you again for the delicious coffee today!


  2. Trevor Says:

    Yep, the Slayer is exciting a lot of espresso people right now
    …along with the Strada! I’ve tasted shots from both …and they were real good! Would be a dream to work on one full time.

    For the best coffee at home: Buy FRESH craft-roasted coffee whole bean from a decent UK roaster, buy a decent BURR GRINDER so you you can grind fresh as you go, and brew by the cup with either a french press, a Hario V60, a Chemex, an Aeropress, or a ceramic, flat bottomed filter cone. I could tell you more about any of this!

    Also – i’ve just checked the Good Coffee Map UK (you can have a look at this if ya like too – it’s on my Links section, along with the London Coffee App), and, as I thought I recalled, you have a Taylor Street Baristas cafe in Bournemouth – so you might be in luck!!!

    Glad you liked the Las Nubes in your piccolos again – I was happy with them too (I’m not always happy with coffees)! You, your custom, and your enthusiasm, will be missed!

    Trevor 🙂

  3. Rhyannan Says:

    Ah… I don’t think there is a Taylor St in Bournemouth, the website says there is one in Brighton and a few in London. Alas! 😦
    Will have to wait until I get to Cardiff for a good espresso!

    On that note…Matthew is distraught at the possibility of no good coffee in Manchester, do you anywhere oop north for him? I bought him a french press and he’s making it at home but sometimes its nice to go out for a coffee!

    Will probably be in again today as I have nowt to do today 🙂


    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      Ah, of course! Sorry – getting my ‘seaside towns beginning with B’ mixed up!
      Manchester… not aware of anywhere off the top of top of my head, sadly… Bold Street in Liverpool are doing good things, I believe!
      Have a great time!

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