12th August 2011

A recent visit to London naturally meant some visits to some hot coffee spots. 3 cafes; 3 different roasters, 3 different machines, 3 different tastes, 3 different experiences and expressions of coffee, all great …of course! The Espresso Room (love to Leah!), St Ali, and back once again to Monmouth Covent Garden (especially impressive this time, though not necessarily more so than the others). Levels of balance, smoothness and sweetness that were pretty impeccable, from my standpoint at least. Such brief visits relatively, but inspiring, and so valuable for some taste recalibration too! If I could spend longer in London…

At the cafe, you may notice I have just one primary coffee for espresso for a little while (well, mostly!). Not out of boredom, or for lazy ease of use. There are lights that can be shone in corners and crannies, things that can perhaps be gained in this way that could otherwise pass one by. It’s curious, useful, and fascinating, as ever.

A few of my pours from today:




Are they as good as they should be? Rarely. The window from where the best things emerge can seem wonderfully brief, and keeping it open as often as possible is the trick. This is part of the fun …part of the quest!

5 Responses to “12th August 2011”

  1. Mark Says:

    Where were the piccolos in the picture served?

  2. Mark Bowles Says:

    Could you tell me where the piccolos in the pic were served? Ta

  3. Mark Bowles Says:

    Well, it looks like a great piccolo. I’m actually based in London though, i thought it was one of the places you’d visited there.

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      Thanks! Lucky thing – you’re spoilt for choice around central London …if you go the right places.
      The pictures were all of my own work at the cafe – doing my best to produce lovely coffee here in Cardiff!
      Cheerio, Trevor

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