18th July 2011

Enjoying some ridiculously good Kenyan coffee from Square Mile at home at the moment – their Kangunu Mill AA. The raspberries, blackcurrant, cranberry and other promised fruits abound deliciously. Well worth the higher price tag, as a treat (a visit from mum as the occasion – good excuse!). I’ve missed great Kenyan coffee over the last few months! I’ve been aiming for about 2 mins 40 secs for a single cup with this. My mum had hers with cream and sugar, as always… but liked it very much as well! 😀

Tomorrow I’ve got Brazilian Fazenda Solum back on at the cafe for the espresso for a day. This was my favorite coffee for espresso a few weeks/months back – but Naturelle’s returned since then, so how will it compare?! Can’t wait to see. And pssst! Three letters. OCR..!

2 Responses to “18th July 2011”

  1. Kas Says:

    Hey Trev,

    Sitting in Lisbon right now and realized how much i missed a shot of Solum or Naturelle 😉


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