27th June 2011

LOVING this at the moment as pourovers at home!!! From our roaster, James’s Gourmet Coffee. It’ll be available at the cafe for cafetière later this week. It’s also a component in JGC’s New Summer Espresso, which I’ll often be serving as the espresso ‘of the day’.

My new selections for the cafe’s seasonal coffees for cafetière menu will include:

Ethiopian:    Kelenso Mokanisa

Notes of sweet citrus, apricot, stone fruit, cocoa and florals. A delicious washed coffee from this cooperative in the Sidamo region, composed of mixed Heirloom varietals. Organic and Fair Trade brand certified.

Indonesian:    Single Estate: Wahana

Sweet fruit salad with spice notes. Remarkably clean and juicy – so different to most typical Indonesian coffee. Toraja seed varietal micro lot. From Lae Mungkur village, Northern Sumatra.   

Tanzanian:    The Hope Project

Juicy currants and citrus. Mbeya region. The Hope Project has set up 23 coffee pulperies in the region, which raises coffee quality, and therefore allows the farmers command higher prices for great coffee.

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