Guest espresso in! New season filters soon!

At the cafe: Our Guest’s here!! After due resting, on Friday evening, I started the week or two of coffee from guest roasters, Origin Coffee in Cornwall. We will be serving their current ‘seasonal collection’ espresso blend (consisting of Brazilian Fazenda Lambari, Idonesian Aceh Tackengon, and Bolivian Alberto Poma estate 50/20/30), and, somewhere inbetween, for about three days next week, the Alberto Poma (Quiuchaca Taypiplaya Bolivia) will be on as a single estate espresso by itself. Setting up the blend the other evening, the heavy, date, molasses and grape notes were emerging nicely, with more playing around with it to come over the next week! Origin’s coffee comes with a ‘roasted on’ date, which is really useful, their packaging’s contemporary and attractive, and their marketing and promotional material is impressive; a very polished yet sincere appraisal of what they’re about – which all does their products good justice. Great fun, and interesting, to try new things and different styles! After this, we can then also look forward to the return to the Completo Brazilian seasonal blend from JGC!

I thought that was exciting enough (I know, I need to get out more!), but then out of the blue, a hoard of wonderful new season samples land from Peter J as well!! I now have the horrific task of tasting all these at my leisure :(! Some of these will appear very briefly (generally outside of service – but you might just catch some!) as espresso at the cafe next week …some of which will return for a proper visit no doubt! The others are filter profiles, some of which will probably be making their way onto a new seasonal coffees for cafetière menu (V2 2011) for the cafe, which I’ll be finalising over the next few weeks. Cupped blind yesterday, a Tanzanian, and surprisingly, a Sumatran (Wahana) estate both really stood out for me!

Wow – is it really nearly the WBC 2011?! Very best of luck to John Gordon who will be representing the UK for us again, this time in Bogota, Colombia, this coming week!! (Livestream)

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