17th May 2011

Hi! Just a quick update on what I’ll be serving at the cafe over the next few weeks, as it’s quite (even more?!) exciting, and less usual than, well, usual.

Over these next few weeks I’ll be serving not one, but FOUR different coffees for espresso from no less than TWO top roasters (these won’t be all at the same time, of course, but one at a time, as the espresso ‘of-the-day’). Two single estates, and two seasonal blends.

I returned after a long weekend today to start this process off by putting Fazenda Solum back in the grinder – the 3rd appearance at the cafe for this single estate Brazilian espresso. Its walnut/cookies seemed to be showing a little more today than the plum …but its on again tomorrow and maybe for a while on Thursday too for more playing with the flavours! Then it’s back onto the wonderful Completo seasonal blend from JGC over the weekend. Then just to mix things up a bit, towards the back-end of next week, I’ll be having a week of coffee from a guest roasters: Origin Coffee Co in Cornwall – back in the house again! We will be trying both their current seasonal espresso blend (which I understand to be a syrupy, sweetness, cherry and black grape affair), AND one of its components separately as a single estate – Alberto Poma from Bolivia! It is a slight juggle to get this to align properly so that everything espresso remains as FRESH as it should be, but its worth it in order to both sample, and present, new things wherever possible! 

After that, we will be back with James’s Gourmet Coffee again, naturally …with more new coffees on the horizon there too!

Ooo! And, a lovely mention about the coffee this week too, in The Guardian Cardiff. Many thanks to Michael for the continued props in his article Cardiff Food Heroes there! It’s comforting to know there are people out there with their ear to the ground, making the effort to seek out and reveal things that are produced with integrity and a sincere passion for the product and the service …which can emerge in all manner of guises!

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