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24th April 2011

April 24, 2011

My continued Windows Vista total meltdown is really restricting the flow of blogging, amongst other things!

So for now just a quick note to say Completo continues to reign at the cafe as our current wonderful seasonal blend!

6th April 2011

April 6, 2011

Yesterday someone asked me ”do you serve a different espresso every day?”. Normally, the answer would be “No (that would be CRAZY)”! But this week that’s actually been about the sum of it, with Naturelle followed by Fazenda Passeio, followed by F6, followed by Fazenda Solum, due to be followed by more Naturelle, and then the main installment of the new seasonal blend (see last post) – all in one week!! 

Fazenda Solum returned as my espresso today, as part of the recent revelling in Brazilian single estates. I have to admit to a little head scratching and under-wow last time, but today – huge WOW!! Just fantastic shots. I think Solum has just overtaken Fazenda Sertaozinho as my favorite of these three Brazilian S/O espressos! Perhaps due to a combination of different rest periods, and my own fine tuning (or my own bungling last time!), who knows …but it came together today. The plum, cherry and walnuts promised by JGC were delivered in abundance, the deep-red fruits were syrupy (even raspberry too, I think), and there was something akin to a cookie dough or cakemix thing going on!

The milk was smelling incredibly sweet today too …maybe all just the joys of emerging the right side of a cold!

Another thing I’ve loved about these Brazilian estates recently is the learning, and the changes. Once again, new coffees have urged me to research ever further into fine tuning and dialling-in, and experiment ever more, even as far as causing me to completely reassess and modify my basic techniques for dosing and tamping. Maybe this is just wrong and highly improper! But I’ve found it great.

Oh, and if you order a large latte from me any time soon, I’m afraid you’ll probably be subjected to one of these tulip-rosettas:

 …Work in progress! They’re a little clunky, and have a kind of heraldic aesthetic, I think, and don’t have the natural beauty of great single rosettas or tulips …but they’re fun (and more difficult, to do well, than they look)!