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30th March 2011

March 30, 2011

Oh my! I have been loving the many very different Brazilian S/Os of recent weeks, and when I heard a new seasonal blend was in the making, I just knew (hoped!) that these coffees would be big players in it, and that it would be exciting! And Lo – a sample arrives of a single origin BLEND – 4 different, all Brazilian farms in one fantastic blend! It was only with me for a short time this morning – but there WILL be much more to come, starting at the end of next week. Bags of sumptuous sweet red fruits, creamy texture, and the nuts and chocolate you might ‘expect’ from Brazilian coffee too – hints of all the best bits of these individual farms (which include just about every type of processing apart from fully washed), all rolled together into something even more complete and malleable! Dialled in nice and quick (fine tuning and playing to come later, no doubt). Great reaction from those others trying it too. One person though, after commenting that they liked it, and having been told what it was, asked if it had ”just been bunged together?” or whether there had been ”any consideration involved?”. All I can say is that person should know better, by now!!! (Although perhaps I’m crazy. Ok, I know I am, but still) 😉

3 Coffees dialled and served in the last two days, each offering up their treasures with relative ease – makes it feel like the sun’s still shining! 🙂 … Dark are the days when the coffee doesn’t shine – no matter what it’s like outside! If ever you have the silly inclination to want any info on dialling in and fine tuning coffees, you could do a lot worse than checking out these pages and posts I’ve come across whilst trawling the net for knowledge (just remember to taste as well!): Jim S on HB, Chris Tacy on God Shot (he has a few updated versions of this methodology), Black Cat users on HB, James H on Jimseven, James H (…yet again!), Jim Schulman again on HB, and Intelli’s Kyle Glanville. Have these helped me make coffee better? Well, hopefully they haven’t NOT at least. After a couple of ‘sunny’ days it feels like they might have contributed.

Some thoughts on our Anfim…

Trying to summon the will, and the knowledge, to post something useful about over and under extraction in espresso at some point, a subject I find perpetually intriguing. Might be a slow one…

Hopefully some nice new (just another one of the little details that can help to tip the balance) pf baskets are on the way that continue to fit my tamper… That’ll be a minor headache if not …But Reg B will do well out of it, Bless ‘im!

26 March 2011

March 26, 2011

…NEXT week!
…And Formula 6 

19th March 2011

March 19, 2011

Operation Cherry Red Adado Misty Valley Washed Yirgacheffe. V60 2 cup of this today using 29g with 500g water added continuously over 3 mins 20 seconds (not including pre-wet). Got called out midway through drinking… just got back to my cold cup – and it’s EVEN BETTER!! Try some SOON if you haven’t yet – it can’t be around for much longer, surely..?

17th March 2011

March 17, 2011

Fazenda Solum awaits by the Anfim ready for its first appearance at the plan tomorrow, as part of now no less than 3 S/O Brazilian estates to rotate as the cafe’s espresso over the next 1-2 weeks …Excitement meter set to ‘high’, whilst single estate espresso panic meter merely hovers around ‘medium’!

14th March 2011

March 14, 2011

How …Clever!

13th March 2011

March 13, 2011

Perfect sunny day down at Cardiff’s Riverside market today – Will, Tabea and Co doing great things with coffee (Will’s competition coffee today!) – can’t recommend it enough!

Brazilian single estates

March 12, 2011

I’m currently looking forward to at least a whole week of brewing two S/O Brazilian estates as espresso at the cafe – starting sometime next week! They are now roasted, and resting either in Ross on Wye …or somewhere in transit …and will continue to rest in my ‘bean-store’ upon arrival at the cafe …until they are fully relaxed and ready to roll!

I’ve enjoyed Fazenda Passeio natural process pink bourbon so much as a single estate espresso over recent weeks (at a % brew ratio in the region of 61-68%) that instead of having it on as my espresso of the day for just a couple of days each week, I’ve given in to temptation, and ordered more this time around – so we can have it on for a whole week!! There seems to be a plethora of great Brazils arriving at the roastery at the moment, and so I’ll also be trying Fazenda Solum for a day or two over the next week as well. This is a pulp natural, and as such might display some vaguely more recognisable Brazilian characteristics (if you should ever expect anything in particular from a great Brazilian coffee?!), rather than the richer, riper, yet still quite refined red fruits and chocolate of the natural Passeio. I understand it will still have bags of sweetness, fruit, and a more dense mouthfeel. It’s always a bit of a risk overdoing it with S/O coffees for espresso – but the Passeio has indeed proved very ‘complete’, which reduces the dial on the panic-meter sufficiently! No doubt these coffees will continue to make appearances for a few weeks to come as well, if you miss them this time around.

It always pains me to give Naturelle a break – that delicate, floral, sweet, ripe citrus is always a joy – but you appreciate it even more when it returns, and in the meantime you can be blown away by things which are also beautiful …and completely different!!

(A completely unrelated and gratuitous rosetta from Friday – how did that get there?!)

Also BIG BEST WISHES again to all those UKBC folks I know competing next week (I think it’s next week anyway – bit out of touch with it this year!).

12th March 2011

March 12, 2011

The Bean Vagrant was captured on ITV Wales freepouring a nice rosetta on a flat white this week! (and yes – that pour was the first and only take!) *Very happy* 🙂  A shame it was to be associated with a less positive issue though. *Disappointed and annoyed* 😦