9th February 2011

This week I am…

…Adjusting my brew pressure! So far I have no reason to believe this has not been a good move.

…Waiting (patiently?) for beans to de-gas until that ‘murder in my mouth’ feeling eases into the opposite.

…Dialing-in Single Origin espresso (I think this is a coffee that might successfully make it through the minefield of Proper qualification for such a term): Brazil Fazenda Passeio, natural process ruby bourbon – and as a result having my happiest coffee-day this week by far!

…Receiving packages in readiness for some clever dripping. Do I CARE if that packaging looks, as my wife perceptively notes, “like something out of the 70s” (like Everything but Espresso)? Well, maybe only a little!

…Dearly ‘hearting’ espresso, as ever, but cursing, as ever, its perverse inconsistencies.

Fazenda Passeio was tasting amazing as my espresso-of-the-day this morning, really quite up-dosed, and at around 65-68% brew ratio. Then the sweetness and roundness decided, for no sane reason that I could deduce (although I have my suspicions), to wander, and I found it again only by moving some of the other variables around. This will be in the grinder again tomorrow – and it will definitely be back next week at some point – because it’s S.O. good, when it’s not wandering! 😉

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