18th January 2011

Brewing Cafetalera Herbazu Estate as the espresso of the day at the cafe for 2-3 days …right now!

As Peter our roaster notes, this is a coffee that may have ‘peaked socially’, and I guess this could make this coffee (and others with a similar story) less attractive for all sorts of reasons for some people. Maybe this is something we might have the luxury of being able to worry about a little less here in Cardiff? Some people might also frown upon a Costa Rican single estate (either, or both, let alone both at the same time!) being used for espresso rather than filter (OK, it’s 13 small farms going under one estate banner, not sure about the etiquette there). Either way all I know is this is a new coffee for me, and for the cafe, and I have enjoyed some beautiful shots with it today. So sweet, and dense, yet clean – love it! There seems to be quite a bit of flexibility with it too in terms of bringing out the goodness in slightly different ways, with slightly different shots/recipes/ratios. I’m very happy with the temp I’m brewing this at (fortuitously picked the right place straight away there), and the type of dose, but think I might experiment with time a bit more whilst I still have this coffee.

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