15th January 2011

Fazenda Passeio ruby natural tasting beautiful through the V60 at home this afternoon. It’s always a joy and a surprise just how well the V60 works when a coffee is properly fresh (this is about 4 days from roast). With admittedly careful and ever more practiced pouring technique, it’s so much easier to get a lovely pour, cone formation, good extraction time, and resulting cup with coffee like this (as I use it, anyway). I’ve learned that as the next couple of weeks go by this will become increasingly difficult, to near impossible. The 1 cup pourover seems particularly tricky and freshness-reliant. The 2 cup V60 I have found is altogether easier, even when the coffee gets a little less-fresh.

1 cup V60.

14-15g grounds medium-fine.

260g water (at maybe 91C average in the slurry) added with a continuous pour, keeping all grounds in contact with the brew continually until just the last 20 seconds or so.

2 mins 40 secs – 2 mins 55 secs total brew time, including 10-15 second bloom with roughly 30g water.

With the 2 cup, and a slightly courser grind, I find I can easily aim for a 3 or up to 4 minute brew.

It’d be fun to get my hands on an EMojo at some point (not sure how or when!), to see if those figures back up what seems like successful stuff.

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