14th January 2011

A few of the coffees that quickly come to mind as memorable favorites for me during 2010 (forgive the bias towards one roaster – it’s simply the practicality of what I mostly encounter, and I feel little need to complain, or apologise, about that!):

JGC Bold Red espresso blend

JGC ‘Brambly’ espresso blend

Miroroma Kenyan as espresso

…And (as always!) JGC Caffe Naturelle espresso blend

Square Mile Washed Yirgacheffe mixed heirloom filter

Kenya Karimikui Rungeto Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society filter

Operation Cherry Red Adado Misty Valley Washed Yirgacheffe

Costa Rican Finca La Candililla Geisha varietal washed filter

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