24th November

I’ve been noticing strange things happening with my tulips recently, and what I considered to be the poor cousin of the rosetta has been going up a little in my estimation, both aesthetically, and technically. So here’s just a snapshot of a few from this week. None of these are perfect sadly, and the subtle refinement I can sometimes coax from this design does not appear here (it’s camera-shy, as always), but they give an impression of where I’m at, and what I’m aiming for …better to follow hopefully! As tulips go, they are quite simple 2-3 sectioned pieces – but this is how I like them, at present. Some might be better classed as double/triple hearts …but it’s all in the same territory!

Different shots here and there, better milk, more intimacy with the whole process …and new pours develop!

…And just for fun …because they’re still my favorites …and because the camera was there – a good ol’ rosetta!

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