03rd Nov 2010

…And once again the scales are out at work for a few snapshots! I know the shot weight where today’s blend tastes about best, to me (all other things being constant …are they ever?). But the simple measurement does not of course provide repeatability, it only serves as one valuable tool to illuminate and perennially reevaluate how near, or how far, from the grail you might be. Sometimes the scale of the variance is a shock (if only adjustment of one tenth of a second always actually carried through successfully to the dose! Bad workmen blah blah). But sometimes, more rarely, blissful repetition comes out of nowhere and seems more smile than science… Vaguely like eating a bowl of ripe strawberries; each one tastes different, unique, which is part of the beauty …but some are a little too (way?) out of whack, and best avoided – but how?! This is part of what keeps things infuriatingly interesting!

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