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24th November

November 24, 2010

I’ve been tinkering again – so SUE me, I mean well! As ever, I have been weighing things up, mulling over, tasting, and putting in thought ‘cos that’s what counts, and now flat whites I make from here on in should be creamier, sweeter, tastier, more ‘authentic’, and less in-your-face. Suffice to say what works best for certain coffees as straight espresso is not necessarily what works best for a great flat white. I suppose you could call it a new (proper old) school flattie! This is not something we can offer ‘as standard’ for various reasons, but all flat whites should be good, one way or another. WHY do these things sometimes take so long to emerge? They just do, and I don’t rush into things that are worth doing. Enjoy!

24th November

November 24, 2010

I’ve been noticing strange things happening with my tulips recently, and what I considered to be the poor cousin of the rosetta has been going up a little in my estimation, both aesthetically, and technically. So here’s just a snapshot of a few from this week. None of these are perfect sadly, and the subtle refinement I can sometimes coax from this design does not appear here (it’s camera-shy, as always), but they give an impression of where I’m at, and what I’m aiming for …better to follow hopefully! As tulips go, they are quite simple 2-3 sectioned pieces – but this is how I like them, at present. Some might be better classed as double/triple hearts …but it’s all in the same territory!

Different shots here and there, better milk, more intimacy with the whole process …and new pours develop!

…And just for fun …because they’re still my favorites …and because the camera was there – a good ol’ rosetta!

14th November

November 14, 2010

Visiting London always means also taking the opportunity to visit some more great coffee shops (and should do for anyone, I think, barista or not!). This time it was  Monmouth’s Borough Market cafe, and Flat White. A double espresso, a pourover, and a flat white in just a few hours definitely = too much coffee, for me – but worth it just to try them while there!

03rd Nov 2010

November 3, 2010

…And once again the scales are out at work for a few snapshots! I know the shot weight where today’s blend tastes about best, to me (all other things being constant …are they ever?). But the simple measurement does not of course provide repeatability, it only serves as one valuable tool to illuminate and perennially reevaluate how near, or how far, from the grail you might be. Sometimes the scale of the variance is a shock (if only adjustment of one tenth of a second always actually carried through successfully to the dose! Bad workmen blah blah). But sometimes, more rarely, blissful repetition comes out of nowhere and seems more smile than science… Vaguely like eating a bowl of ripe strawberries; each one tastes different, unique, which is part of the beauty …but some are a little too (way?) out of whack, and best avoided – but how?! This is part of what keeps things infuriatingly interesting!

1st November 2010.

November 1, 2010

Current coffees for espresso!

For the last few days I have once again been serving coffee from farmer/producer Erwin Mierisch’s Nicaraguan farm/s: A natural process pacamara. Delicious and remarkably forgiving and approachable, and a particularly bold reminder, if ever I needed one, that tightness and persistency (and even the vaguest thread of sanity) where crema is concerned, are not necessarily ‘must haves’ for good and very tasty shots…

This is about all gone, then we will have the pleasure of the Bold Red Blend, back for a few more days (maybe it’s last appearance..?!), before a BRAND NEW seasonal blend (I believe there are TWO in the making!) freshly created by our roaster makes its first appearance at the plan. I am hoping to have ‘ULTIMATE’ up and running either for the weekend, or early next week – exciting!!!

It’s hard to be sad not serving one of my other favorite blends, Naturelle, when there are so many delicious new things to try! But have no fear, it will be back at some point.