8th October

News Flash! I thought Kenyan Miroroma for espresso was all out at our roasters, but there seems to be just a few kilos of this wonderful coffee left!! I had it on at the cafe today, and it will be on for a little while on Monday as well. I LOVE this coffee – I have experienced few single origin coffees for espresso that are so different and ‘Wow’ (this is very fruity and blackcurranty), and yet which work so well, when handled properly. As with many S/O or S/E espressos, it’s harder to get right (the fruit element with this can easily tend towards sour if you take your eye off the ball), and so there is unfortunately an element of risk, but it’s SO worth it when it’s successful! …This is one coffee where I have to really force myself to not be afraid of taking the blonding a touch further, as this can provide the balance and sweetness it needs.

For next week I have a brand new rich and floral/fruity single estate natural process Nicaraguan espresso resting as we speak, ready to hit the cafe for Tuesday/Wednesday!

After that, I will be away on holiday for a couple of weeks (:D), and the Bold Red blend will be in full effect while I’m away. Please bear with us during this period; not only will I be away for a brief spell, but we are also already experiencing an unprecidented level of busyiness, and a simliar level of all-new staff (who I am doing my level best to train as fast as possible, but skills, and understanding of the craft, take time) – so there may be a few hiccups here and there that we are working hard to iron out asap!

Matt J’s coffee has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months though, amongst others, and there are rumours that a certain Kiwi has flown back towards the nest as well, and so there will be some safe hands on deck to prepare the wonderful coffees we use with due care for you!

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