8th September 2010

We have a guest..! A guest espresso from Origin Coffee Roasters – I had their current ‘In Season’ blend in the grinder today, and will have it there again tomorrow.

Gloria (our espresso machine!) needed sprucing up a little after her first year (despite being a contender for the most well cared for espresso machine in Wales!) with a few replacement parts from Origin who supply the Plus4You, to keep her functioning in perfect condition, and so I took the opportunity to try some great coffee from a different roaster at the same time. We are normally spoilt for choice for amazing coffee from our usual roaster James’ Gourmet, but it’s fun, educational, and downright tasty, to try different coffees from other respected sources who are also passionate about sourcing and roasting great, seasonal coffees. It helps our baristas to a gain a slightly wider sense and appreciation of the speciality coffee world as well …even if it’s simply the ‘sexy bags!‘ which initiates that for some, it’s all good!

The blend’s delicious – with just enough depth, but also crisp, clean fruit notes. The coffee came with a couple of pages of info about the farms along with tantalising flavour descriptors, which was a nice touch; and despite not being able to taste much right now after a recent bout of plan-flu, the sparkly ‘aromatic pear drops’ flavour was evident in the cup. It’s nice to see some familiar farms and cooperatives in the blend as well: Fazenda Santa Alina natural also features in the Bold Red blend we have enjoyed so much in recent weeks (and its flavour is recognisable in the blend, albeit in a different light), and I used some coffee from the Sidamo Shoye Coop (a different lot) in my blend in the finals of the UKBC earlier this year.

A curious thing is the roast date and relative behaviour of the espresso… I was a little disappointed with ’23rd August’ initially (although it’s great to have the date on the bag). But, at least for a while after first opening each bag, the shots seem to me to behave as if they’re actually super fresh (even too fresh!). Don’t know how or why this is (packaging methods?) – it’s a puzzle, and a pleasant surprise!

3 Responses to “8th September 2010”

  1. Laurent Says:

    Honestly? I LOVE the packaging! 🙂

  2. Tom Sobey Says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Good to hear you are enjoying the coffee, regarding the rosat dates and freshness this is casuing a bit of a head scratcher this end too!! We have found that even after 10 days the coffee is behaving like it is straight out of the roaster. We are currently asking our packaging people about the valves and are working on some tests of which I will let you know the results!!

    Speak Soon


  3. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Hiya Tom,

    Ah …glad it’s not just me!
    It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’ve discovered miracle packaging that keeps espresso beans roaster-fresh indefinitely!!! …But always best to know why things are happening – be interesting to hear if you find anything out. Have you asked SQMile – their packaging material seems similar?


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