2nd Sept 2010

The last day of Kenyan Miroroma as an espresso was …today, so if you didn’t get to try this fantastic coffee, sorry, but it’s gone – there is no more! But have no fear – Naturelle will be in the house!

It’s wonderful when… a regular couple who love the flat whites bring their visiting Australian friends in (who also love their coffee and who introduced the regulars to flat whites initially over in Oz), and their friends say afterwards ”we’ve just been travelling in Canada, USA and Italy – and you beat them hands down – it was great”. Frequent comments like this are so humbling, appreciated, and reassuring – they help to counteract my own almost constant dissatisfaction (partly coffee-paranoia!) with all but the sweetest, most successful shots. I’ve said it before, but hopefully this level of expectation (whilst emotionally crippling ;)) is part of what helps to achieve high standards, keep them there as often as possible, and sustain the desire to strive to raise them ever higher…

Another more curious phenomenon I’ve also noticed happening more frequently lately, is just how distressed people can occasionally be when I don’t have their personal favorite coffee on for the espresso that day, or worse, when it’s gone forever. And I don’t just mean disappointed; these folks get upset – even angry!! Naturally I try to explain about seasonality, freshness, offering variety, and that all the coffees are equally delicious in different ways, etc, but sometimes this just doesn’t get through – they MUST HAVE Miroroma (for instance)!! It can make for some awkward moments, but I think it’s actually a good sign: This IS part of the beauty of great, seasonal, artisan-roasted coffee, and part of why the coffees can taste so fantastic, whether people understand and accept that or not. And, if people can get so particular about their cup, I/we must be doing something right!

Other News:

New replacement BestMax water filter/purifier on the way for the ‘spro machine – to keep water supply for the shots at its very best! 🙂

Guest espresso from Origin coffee roasters due to land for a few days next week! 🙂

I have bitten the (admittedly rather small!) bullet, and arranged for our spouted single handle to be machined to a naked – so now, singles can be naked as well as doubles (alongside spouted split doubles in the mix where needed too)! 🙂

Lenny, resident Kiwi and my best, most accomplished trainee ever, has left to go travelling. 😦 But best wishes!

Some shots …and some shots – all from today:


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