25th August 2010


Blackcurrants ago-go at the moment, at home and at the cafe, with two amazing Kenyan coffees!

Last week I had some ‘issues’ with Miroroma at the cafe (who knows why, but I wasn’t exactly 100% happy with it, even though I knew how good it could be). Today though, I had it on for our espresso for the day again, and it was SO GOOD, all day – wow! Such an exciting espresso, with such a distinct blackcurrant taste. Shots are like hot, sweet, blackcurrant juice, and it works really well as a macchiato too (although it might just be I like less milk – there have been great reports about in lattes too!).

It’ll hopefully be back for another day next week, and in between time, I am eagerly awaiting the return of probably my favourite blend – Caffe Naturelle, which I have gone without for several weeks, because Bold Red has been so captivating.

At home with the V60, Karimikui has been delicious as well – another coffee with blackcurrant notes (…although there’s so much more to it than that, I think!).


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