Anfim 90-180

90 holes become 180..?

Fineness of adjustment increased by100%..?

But will it actually work..?! Road testing tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Anfim 90-180”

  1. Chris Says:

    Well I had a lovely flat white on Thursday, so something was working well. I must also remember that carrot and ginger soup doesn’t really work as a flovour combo with coffee!! Although they were both great in their own right!!

  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Fantastic – thanks – glad you liked it!
    Not sure who made your flat white this time, but the team are doing really well right now (some are EXCEPTIONAL), and I’m always trying to perfect my own skills as well, whilst also making sure everyone else is up to standard – so you should be in safe hands one way or the other!
    Yeah – that soup is good – one of my favorites along with the courgette and mint! But I can believe it doesn’t marry well with coffee – feel free to request your coffee to come after the food if you prefer, and we’ll always do our best to accommodate.
    Great to have good feedback, as it’s SO busy at the moment, and we have to work REALLY hard to keep the standards high!
    And yes – my little Anfim mod is working just as hoped – I think it may be the first of it’s type (haven’t heard of any others like this anyway), and it could be even better if I re-made the add-on more carefully..!

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