Radio Wales (meets The Bean Vagrant!)

I had the pleasure of chatting about coffee on the Radio Wales morning show today with Jamie Owen and Lisa. I guess I’m pretty used to talking about coffee: in competition to judges and baristas, in the cafe, online, and so on (…OK, whenever I feel I can get away with it without boring people too much!) – but it’s still a bit nerve-racking doing it live on-air on national radio! Partly because you’re so keen to get the message across successfully, I suppose. But the presenters and the whole production team were really friendly and professional, which helped to put me at ease, and enabled me to tell them a little about the various aspects of what I do with coffee, and the sort of coffees I work with – including the UK Barista Championships, latte art, origins and traceability, seasonality, and roasting, etc. Thanks guys!

On the BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days (just over an hour into the show, in two sections)

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