Wow. Fresh coffee in the grinder (too fresh, infact, but hey, that’s another story), and two shots pulled and tasted. Very similar extractions, almost identical at face value, but the subtle details make the taste so very different. First shot 28 seconds …appears ok, but the taste is not great – quite sour, at the same time a little flat and thin, and severely stunted sweetness. Second shot 0.1 of a second more on the timer for the dose, another 1, maybe 2 seconds more at most brew time, very slightly shorter volume, with maybe a little less blonding allowed. Still a fairly respectable size for a double (albeit ristretto). Tastes fantastic (for the most part) – sourness has become zingy brightness, sweetness is so sweet, and the fluid has that slightly sticky, syrupy quality, all the way to the end. This is the reality. This is the margin for error (none). This is the elusive, daunting, impossible, and enchanting quest! 🙂

*sighs, and gets scales ready to take in for next week* (!)

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