So! Right now at the cafe, we are serving, and loving, the Bold Red Espresso blend. This will be featuring as our primary coffee for espresso …until it runs out! It’s just lovely, and, for me, it’s so exciting to be able to offer blends like this, which are seasonal, and potentially ‘one-offs’ – maybe NEVER to be seen again! All the coffees we deal with from our micro roaster are seasonal to some greater or lesser degree, and (thankfully – it’s part of what makes them so great!) subject to a constantly refreshing flux, but certain blends like this may really only be here for just a fairly short time – it’s a little sad …but beautiful too!! Anyway, effusiveness over! Like all coffees, this does different stuff at different times, and when brewed in different ways (somebody stop me!), but essentially, there’s red and grapey fruits, a wonderful, drying, red-wine/tannin quality, hints of natural-process that are not at all overpowering, and chocolatey richness! A great all-rounder for espresso and flat whites …or stumpys?! (not actually on the menu, but you could request, if you like your coffee really rich and in a really odd, makeshift glass vessel! Just experimenting!)

SOON, amongst this current appreciation of the Bold Red blend, there will be just ONE day of single estate madness with the espresso, from Finca La Fany, El Salvador.

And, as always, the coffee will be fresh …but now even fresher than EVER – the latest part of trying to fine tune my espresso-learning, and the quest for constantly improved quality, consistency and (hopefully!) taste at the cafe, through attention to detail!

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  1. Howard Says:

    Love the La Fany (no rude follow ups please…)! Almost used it (Has Bean ’09 crop) as a SO for comp this year, but couldn’t get it to work in a plesent way in milk, seemed sort of lemony in a non-appealing, rather than an interesting way. Produced stunning espresso and did form a good chunk of my final blend. Be interested to know if you find similar results or have figured out how to compensate – probably just by being better at this than me…

  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Can’t wait to have a play with it – it’ll only be for a day (for the time being at least..!), so no doubt I’ll just be winging it somewhat – with uncertain consequences! Even using the same blend for several weeks on end is a constant process of trail and error and exploration that only occasionally achieves results that make me go *aaah – that’s it!* so one day will be interesting! Thanks for the heads-up with what I might be able to expect… Also just nice to have a change so as to recalibrate the ol’ tastebuds!

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