Oh well …you can’t win ’em all! Shame John G didn’t get through, but nice to see Colin do so well for Ireland, and Mike Phillips is indeed a worthy winner (wow – what a set!). It just goes to show how high the standard of competition is, and how hard it is even to get through to the semifinals in the world championships.

I only actually got to Caffe Culture briefly for a couple of hours on Thursday (primarily at that point to see Schomer’s talk, but sadly he was taken ill). A combination of factors then dictated in the end that we wouldn’t go again on Friday, like 1) the tube to Olympia being rubbish; 2) John not getting through; 3) I didn’t need to be there to compete or anything which makes a welcome change after recent times at the UKBC; and 5) the fact that there’s so much more to life and London when the weather’s nice and you’re on a rare and brief break there with your better half, than staying inside doing coffee stuff! It was a pity not to catch-up with more people, and see more of the competition, but you can’t do everything – maybe next time!

One thing’s for sure – London’s coffee scene is great, regardless – there are so many gems offering deliciousness on the London Coffee Map – and I’m sure this is something that will continue to thrive. Didn’t make it to the Penny University either, sadly, but it seems they have opened at exactly the right time, with pourover and other brewed coffee methods, coincidentally, popping-up everywhere right now!

Watch the competition here.

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