Learning how to pour milk takes a long time …will it take as long to learn how to pour water?

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  1. Chiman Says:

    Schomer said that you have to sneak the milk in the cup. I always pour low and gently down the side of the cup and try to disturb the crema as little as possible and let the natural flow of the milk do it’s magic.
    PS: How do you keep the ring of crema in a cappucino?

  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Sounds like an interesting technique…
    With regards the crema ring for cappuccinos (or any drink), there are various ways of doing it, with various styles of pitchers/spouts, and with or without latte art – but esentially it’s about getting close to the surface sooner in the pour, so that most of the surface of the drink becomes white, with just a little crema retained aroung the edge. If you can pour a simple circle, then you can pour a ‘classic’ cappuccino, although retaining just that narrow ring can indeed be tricky.

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