Oh baby! That’s me set for the weekend(s)!

Several personal firsts for me (all of which I probably should have tried long ago!): Hario V60 one cup pourover (as opposed to my usual Melitta style flat based); Yemeni coffee; Square Mile coffee (at home, at least) (Oh and can I just say – lovely bags! Seriously, for any coffee-bag-fetishists out there (you know who you are ;)), these SQM bags must surely do it for you – a delight from top to toe, in every possible respect!!!); and Hario two cup size filter papers for experiments with my (also new) Chemex!

So lots to try, hopefully learning a little along the way …when has learning ever tasted so great?!

…Although monster threads like this make you think twice about even going near a kettle! …But that’s all part of what makes coffee so exciting and intriguing I guess!

I only wish I could (happily) drink and sample a greater volume coffee – I’d like to brew and drink all the above coffee, in many different ways, at home, within the next two weeks whilst it’s at its peak …but I fear it may take me quite a bit longer!

The Rocky’s all cleaned and ready to go though:

…And there’s the decidedly iffy “pouring kettle” mod to try out too (!!):

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  1. Howard Says:

    Just got a V60 myself to play with/replace the melitta style ceramic cone. Honestly thought the Hario was just a bit of a fad, fashionable barista buzzword kind of deal – but no! Could not believe the difference, even with old flat bottom filter papers it still makes a better brew, surely only to get better with the proper pointy filter papers. Getting good results around 2:30 -2:45 at the moment, which sounds quick but seems to be working.

  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    That’s the sort of time I usually like to aim for with my one cup melitta-style pourover (including blooming), but am finding that the V60 brews much quicker (at the same grind), and so am still dialing that in to get a comparative brew time …but it’s looking very promising! Whereas the chemex brews much slower, and I’m using a significantly coarser grind (varying according to the volumes) to hit around the 3.30 minute mark …altogether a more curious operation with this, it seems!

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