Flat Whites. Ouch! Tasting good right now at the cafe! They’re a bit of a trendy buzz word, I know, and they are only as good as the coffee, and the barista, making them, but there’s definitely something about ’em. We fight over these. They’re a prize on the order board! Because they’re a joy to make, they taste great, and they are a great vehicle for getting a full flavour out to people. And I find it’s one of those drinks where I really feel I’m learning a little more each time – about how best to build the drink, and how less is really more with the air and the temp for the milk… But it’s a tightrope! You don’t want folks feeling it’s not hot enough, and impressive latte art is a challenge with this type of milk when done properly – after 10 seconds of the naked espresso finishing, there might be no rosetta… unless you wait another 30 or so!

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