I know – another coffee toy?! …Yes!

The Europiccola was, sadly, gathering dust and taking up counter space, so now it’s been popped in a box …for later? I have such nice equipment at work for espresso that it just never matched up. Meanwhile, partly as a consequence, and partly because it makes a delicious change (oh, and it’s also very en vogue, darling), I have been brewing just filter at home for some time. Single cup pourovers and Aeropress are wonderful …but not so good if you want to brew for more than just yourself …Enter the Chemex! (thanks Has Bean!) Haven’t tried it yet but look forward to experimenting with it at the weekend, and learning more about filter technique. The special thick papers are part of the idea, I know, and maybe they work best …but I do worry a little about all that paper sucking up some of the goodness too, so I might also get hold of some O2 bleached Hario size 2 papers to try with it as well, as suggested by Sweet Marias.

There seem to be a lot of different pouring/brew techniques out there for it and I’m not sure which is best, so will have a play, and do some more research. Couldn’t stretch to one of them there fancy-spouted kettles, so I probably won’t be able to get too geeky with the pouring anyway! Maybe I can rig the kettle with a little nozzle of some sort..? 🙂

5 Responses to “Chemex”

  1. Dale Says:

    boiling water poured into a warmed motta only loses a couple degrees for your initial pour and their spouts give you quite a bit of accuracy (judging by your art if not mine!!!!)

    Chemex’s make life better i think!!!

  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Ah – of course – you are a genius! …the guys at work might miss my Mottas on my days off though – but something similar might do the trick too! Cheers

  3. James Says:

    Those fancy kettles are more expensive than a chemex! Personally, I use a stainless steel teapot with a narrow spout. Its a bit tricky to get a even wetting in the ‘bloom’ stage. But after that I do a simple anti-clockwise pour and it works great.

  4. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Thanks James – sounds like a great (and cheaper!) idea – I might see if I can pick up a flat bottomed one to heat directly on our glass-top hob, so I don’t have to transfer water around from one thing to another …I’ll just use our kettle for my first tries this weekend though!
    Are you pouring anticlockwise just around the centre area during brewing, or do you go right up the the edge/wall of the filter as you pour..?
    How many minutes (including bloom) are you aiming for when you use the Chemex? I’ve heard 3.5-4 mentioned.
    Looks like a really informative blog – I’ll check it out.
    Trev 🙂

  5. James Says:

    Just around the centre and depending on how much coffee i’m making between 3-3.5 mins. I found if I poured right up to the edge (which slows the brew down) then the coffee became slightly astringent.

    Sometimes I get a bit anal and serve it in a wine glass. Seems to help with the aromas.

    Hope you have fun this weekend experimenting.

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