Single filter brewed coffees that I make at home when I am away from the delights of the espresso machine at work are increasingly, and unashamedly, simply forcing their way onto the blog!

Right now it’s El Meridiano Coop Micro Lot, from Saldana, Colombia. Just brewed this up as a pourover filter, and Yeay!! Absolutely delicious! Sweet, juicy, fresh, clean, blackcurrant jam! If I can sort out the notes of the recipe I used, I’ll post it below.

IF you have a decent grinder, get some – Now! If not, get one – then get some!!

Grounds – 22g

70g water at 94.6C added for a 40 second bloom

 160g more water added at 91.5C

Topped-up after brewing with a further 50g water

Forgot to measure the brewed weight! Probably about 180-200g, prior to topping-up.

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