“The key to making espresso is to realize that it always has further potential … Espresso preparation is an art that demands the precision and dedication of science.  I have never achieved, nor have ever seen anyone make a perfect espresso.  A perfect espresso is more of a concept than an actuality.  The beauty is that espresso is volatile and difficult.  If it were easy, we would develop a machine that knows how to make a perfect espresso every time.  There are so many factors involved in espresso preparation that only a human mind and a passionate heart can begin to understand and control its complexity.” Coffeeresearch.org

2 Responses to “”

  1. Howard Says:

    Teriffic quote! Printed out nice and bold and going on the fridge at work tomorrow. Great blog Trevor.

  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Yeah! I was going to do the same and put it up in our place …maybe I still will! Thanks

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