This week at the cafe we are serving (and very much enjoying!) the ‘Chocolate Brownie‘ espresso blend from JGC. It’s been a massive hit with almost everyone! As a ristretto especially, the chocolate is rich, and complemented by the deep, chewy, fruit element. Samambaia from Brasil with an Ethiopian Limu. We’ll have it until at least mid next week..! 😀

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  1. Will Corby Says:

    Hi Trev,
    I’ve been having a play with the chocolate brownie over the past week, very delicious but I was picking up more cadbury fruit and nut than brownie. Whether this says more about my chocolate purchasing habits or my taste buds I don’t know! Sorry I didn’t get in last thursday, I’ll text you to rearrange!

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      It’s a fun title …for a yummy coffee! I guess the thing with descriptors for coffee though is always that they can be a bit too narrow for the coffee in reality – it does different things at different times, and for different people! I certainly ‘get’ the dense ‘cakey’ thing with this in some shots though …although today was struggling to control the fruit!

  2. Chris Burns Says:

    Very nice coffee, tried some yesterday morning – certainly got dark chocolate, possibly some dark fruit – cherries possibly!?

    • thebeanvagrant Says:

      Yeah, I too thought there were some cherry notes in with the raisins and chocolate! Nice with milk as well in a Flat White or double shot small cappuccino. 🙂

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