A nice write-up in the South Wales Echo following my achievements in the ukbc this year, along with our inclusion in the Independent’s top 50 cafes in the UK, has generated a lot of interest, and new faces at the plan recently – who we welcome, along with all our regulars!

Our team at the plan are doing a great job – with some of our more experienced baristas especially really flourishing of late, and crafting some seriously nice coffees for people to enjoy. It’s taken a lot of perseverance and dedication to gradually nurture the coffee and the barista skills to this level, which is quite unique in the area, and which hopefully enables us to offer something special to those now seeking us out. 🙂

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  1. Rhyannan Says:

    Congratulations on your success in the UKBC this year- its amazing!! 😀
    Glad to hear the plan is doing well too.

    I’m looking forward to coming back over Easter and drinking most excellent coffee and enjoying being in my favourite cafe.


  2. thebeanvagrant Says:

    Hey Rhyannan – thankyou!

    Hope all’s going well at uni. I think over Easter it’s going to be pretty lively at the plan (it already is!) …but I’m hoping to have my ukbc blend, a ‘chocolate brownie espresso blend’, and Caffe Naturelle in the grinder at various points, for your drinking pleasure!
    Cheerio 🙂

  3. Hugo Says:

    Hey Trevor, hope you’re basking in some well earned glory!

    Dr John, a Relish regular from NZ, called in today with a present of Bean Scene Magazine he’d picked up at David Makin’s cafe in Oz and an exciteable report he’d been in to see you! He was very impressed, I’m relieved my recommendation was appreciated…

    To boot, I’ve just finished a batch of Rwanda Musasa from Peter James… bought on your recommendation. It was hellish tasty and loved by everyone.

  4. Trevor Says:

    Hey Hugo
    Yeah – nice to meet John – they put me to the NZ test with a flattie and a long black …and I was very relieved too that they were enjoyed! (we have a cool young NZ’er at the cafe now who’s been training me up, which has helped!)
    Another friend of yours (from an espresso bar in Truro), popped in the other day too. Apologies to him for the turbulance at the time – the local paps (!) were there trying to take pics for an article, but I made sure to pull him a double, which I hope was ok.
    I tried the Musasa in a version of my blend (not the final version), and haven’t tried it on its own – glad you had fun with it!
    Hope all’s going well, Helen’s settling in nicely, and Barista Boy had a great Bday! 🙂

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