My new RB tamper base for our new machine landed freshly bespoked from Canada today!


A 53.2mm American curve in weighty stainless steel. The guesstimated extra .2mm seems to create a perfect fit – glad I didn’t opt for the extra 1/10th of a mm I considered though – just might have been too snug! There is an instantly noticable difference in the extractions (apparent visually via the naked) in comparison to the flat tamper that came with the machine, and I would go as far as to cautiously suggest that it’s a positive one..! What the crucial difference in taste is needs more assessment though. Perhaps for the single basket (whilst the fit is fine), the base might not be particularly suitable – but I have high hopes for its use with the much prefered doubles! The extra weight and craftsmanship of the RB just oozes quality, as well as practical potential, and whilst changing back to the shorter handle I have initially feels odd, it then begins to feel like getting reacquainted with an old friend (too sentimental?)..!


2 Responses to “Base”

  1. Hugo Says:

    I’ve been procrastinating for months over a custom tamper to fit the baskets better, thanks for the measurement… very cool.

    I think (hope) I’ll get a C Ripple…. with bells and flashing lights and things.

  2. Trevor Says:

    Ah – Hope it suits – if you like it snug, with none of that compassing about with the north-sou’west malarkey, then it should.
    Do watch out with anything other than the flat for the single basket though – mine was doing odd stuff today – even though compassion for them might not be a big concern..!
    Wow a Cripple – very Avant-garde! But it’s the lights that matter, definitely.

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